How to organize a candy bar for your wedding

Ah, summer! Sun, pool parties, vacations... No wonder this season is so popular to say « I do »! For those of you who would like to add a fun and playful space to their wedding party, here is a list of ideas on how to create your own candy bar. Enjoy!

The Vintage Bar

bar vintage
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This one is perfect for a rustic wedding! Start by using an old wooden cart with an antiquated feel. Then, add some wild flower arrangements in vintage looking vases and a small chalkboard where you can write a sweet quote. Place your candies in cute bowls or even in a wicker basket. You could even drop some flower petals on the floor. For an autumn wedding, opt for some dry leaves instead. Now, that’s perfectly shabby!

If you’re looking for a retro-chic vibe, try using an old bar cart instead. Go antique shopping or visit a thrift store to find a vintage one. If looking around old furniture isn’t your thing, you could always buy a new one at a home decor store, like V de V on St-Laurent.

Place your candies in old whiskey carafes or cocktail glasses and you’ll find yourself with a bar worthy of a 1930s speakeasy! 

The Classic Bar

bar classique bonbon
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For a more traditional-looking bar, simply use a pretty white tablecloth and choose your candies so they fit your wedding’s colour scheme. You can also use glass vases and other decorative objects like a gold garland, small lamps or even candles. Voilà! You have a chic and refined candy bar. 

The Fun Bar

bar à bonbons amusant
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If you’re looking for something more playful, go for colours! Start by coordinating a tablecloth and a wallpaper. Opt for a temporary and self-adhesive one, as they’re more practical. Triangle garlands and balloons will also make your bar look like it’s from a carnival!

Opt for a colour palette with less than five nuances so your space looks put-together and well-though-out. Talk about a party starter!

sachets bonbons 
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Once you’re done selecting a theme, don’t forget to add the final touches! Make sure to have pliers and little baggies for your guests’ convenience. You can also add stickers on each container so each candy is well identified.

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Enjoy the party (and the candies)