Discover our corporate gifts options!

Looking for a way to thank your employees or long-time clients? Don’t think any further and give them a sweet treat as a token of your gratitude! We offer corporate gifts for many occasions, whether it’s a team building activity or the office’s Christmas party. At the Candy Box, everything is possible, our only limit is the vastness of your imagination! 



It’s all pretty easy. To start off, tell us about the kind of format and sizing you would need. If you’re unsure, we have several ready-to-gift options that you can customize as you please, such as mason jars, tasting boxes and sample bags, to name a few. Then comes the good part: choose the gummies that’d make your heart sing with joy! We have an almost infinite choice of candies, so you certainly won’t run out of options. You’ll find classics like gummy bears and cola bottles, as well as less common candies like our little bubblegum frogs. Last but not least, add your brand’s identity to the packaging with your colors and logo. We know your time is precious, so we can send you packaging templates that you can personalize, or you can leave this to our in-house designer who will gladly answer all your artistic needs. 

We also offer sugary gifts for all budgets, with prices varying between 2$ and 6$ per unit. Since we really want to make your coporate-gifting-dreams come true (and give you as much candy as possible), we also offer wholesale discounts. 


So, next time you’re on the look-out for a way to make a meeting more fun or simply to say « thank you », hit us up! If we combine our ideas, together we can surely cook up the perfect little surprise for your clients and employees. 


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