How to plan a successful Christmas party with Boucle & Papier

Nothing ensures a good Christmas party like planning in advance! To simplify your life and get you into the Holiday spirit, we met with Jessyca, the owner of our favorite Montreal boutique: Boucle & Papier! Here are some of her tips. 


The Candy Box: What would you recommend as a great hostess gift?

Jessyca: Something small that I wouldn’t normally think of buying for myself, whether it’s a fancy dish cloth, a little jar of herbs… At the boutique we also have traveling kits, little pouches, things like that! 

Photo credit: Boucle & Papier


TCB: Did you spot any trends this year, in terms of wrapping or decoration?

J: It’s been a good two years since this trend first came out, but I’d say anything that’s nature-inspired. We had an event at the boutique recently where we wrapped people’s purchases with dried oranges, eucalyptus, fir branches… Everyone loved it!

TCB: What would you suggest to less crafty people who want a pretty gift without too much trouble?

J: For me, kraft paper is always a winner! You can use it for any occasion and it can be either feminine or masculine. It works for children too, anybody really! You can add anything to it and it’ll still look pretty. Otherwise, you could always go for wrapping paper with one solid color, it’s easier to coordinate than paper with patterns on it. 

Photo credit: Pinterest


TCB: According to you, what would the perfect Christmas table look like?

J: The one thing that is really important is to not go overboard, as you want everyone to be able to speak with the people in front of them! I also like to use place tags. It’s really simple to do, it gives a chic look and it avoids confusion. Everyone is always excited to see where their place is, and it facilitates everything for the host! As for decorations, there are so many textures and materials you can play with during winter. It could be tiny Christmas trees, branches... 

Photo credit: Pinterest


TCB: What would be the essentials for a successful Holiday party?

J: Love? Love and health! (Laughs) Other than that, organization. It’s fun to plan little games and activities, like a good card game. Generally, when a Christmas party is successful, there was a card game involved at some point! 


On this note, we’re hoping these suggestions will be helpful for your preparations.

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