The July Box

Yay, it’s officially summer! In our July picks, you’ll find a lot of classics that you won’t wanna miss!

This month, you won’t find anything better than our blue and red raspberry mix to eat while sipping a slushie, the perfect drink to cool-down on hot summer days 


In the mixed candies box, you’ll also come across a fan-favorite: the peach rings. These sweet treats are very well-loved amongst many of our followers (and we understand why!). Let’s not forget the happy mix

joyeux melange

This bag contains a wide variety of sweet gummies in different shapes and flavors. You’ll also find the wild strawberries, this time as sour gummies.

Next, the orange swirls are joining the sour box. Their taste is so rich and creamy, you’ll feel like you’re eating a sorbet cone! The six-flavored sour bears are also back with a vengeance, this time with a tart sugary coating.   

tartes fraises

To complete the soft candies box, you’ll find the strawberry tarts, which have a delicious mix of textures. While the red side is a bit firmer, like a pie crust would be, the white top is perfectly squishy. Finally, you’ll also recognize a great classic: the cola bottles! 

Happy July and enjoy the candies!