The May box

In May, we chose candies of all colors to bring things back to life!

Let's begin with the swirly bears with each their own special taste, and a touch of cream! A majority of our customers asked for these candies in store, and we listened! They will be available in our sales points starting June!

oursons toubillons

Our newest find for May were E=MC2 brains (we thought it seemed like a smart name). They were so successful that we had to order them twice! And, they are as funny as they are delicious!
Following up on the sweet gummies, we chose to also add these delicious juicy strawberries, it will keep us waiting until Summer!
The cool ducks with their marshmallow-y texture were another success of the month! They taste delicious banane, and we loved eating them as much as taking pictures of them!


You probably now it by now, on May 2nd we went to Dans l'oeil du Dragon (a bit of stress there). Of course, that's the month were we hoped everything would run smoothly, except it didn't!
For example, the sour raspeberry rings are really delicious, however they shipped us another type of candy! Back they went!

The rainbow cubes are some of my favorites of the month (not for Paul though). So we decided to put them in the mixed box... EXCEPT that 80% of our order went to trash! So we ended up putting them in the sour box.
Thankfully, the tiny neon worms came to the rescue and went to the mixed box instead!


Finally, we got these delicious swirly strawberries, an explosion of taste and color, here to please each and everyone of us!

Happy month of May and enjoy!