The March Box

March is the month that announces the return of Spring, and this year we are particularly spoiled by the weather (at least in Montreal)! Our box largely reflects our mood of the moment: colorful, cheerful and excited!

With Easter coming up at the end of the month, we included some adorable ducklings in the soft box of the month. And they come alongside peach flavored fried eggs! That's our little wink to our favorite chocolate candies: Cadbury's Mini-Eggs!

The fishing season is upon us and we are helping you get ready! Our very tall sour worms available in the mixed box of the month will be the perfect bait for your fishing activities! And just in case you come back empty handed, we still got your back with our delicious fruit flavored fish, the perfect consolation prize!

New candy alert, this month, we decided to try out these small sour balls! For those of you familiar with Haribo's Dragibus candies, the texture is quite similar, but the flavors are a whole new thing! If this candy is a success, we do have a Pina Colada version for the Summer!

The watermelon licorice is also taking its first steps in our monthly box! Yes, we do have an obsession with watermelon lately. These licorice candies are very tender inside with a delicious pink cream and a lovely green licorice on the outside!

Finally, we have a few classics as well: the adorable cubs with 12 different fruit flavors such as grapefruit, strawberry, lemon or green apple... and the sour super mix. This one is part of our lifetime favorite candies! They have a very different texture and come in various shapes such as rhinoceros, cubs, tiny hearts and even formula 1 cars... with beautiful pastel colours of course!

Happy March and enjoy the candies!