The August Candies

Summer isn’t over yet and we have candies that are going to make your mouth water! This month, we present you fruity gummies that’ll make you feel like you’re lounging under palm trees. 

candy mix

We’re starting off with the sour poppers, tart little gummies with assorted flavors. The yellow ones are especially intense! Next, we have the sour bubblegum bottles. These candies will make you travel back to a time where you saved your 25 cents for the gum dispensers! In the mixed candies box, you’ll also find the funny worms: a great classic! The exclusive watermelon drops, stemming from a little mix-up, complete this box.   

lemon candies

The watermelon slices, with their light acidulous aftertaste, will be in this month’s soft box. They were originally meant to be part of the mixed box but, since we ran out, they were replaced by the watermelon drops and we find ourselves with nine gummies instead of eight. More candies, more fun! You’ll also have the pleasure to taste our little pineapples, which are super tender! The cocktail mix completes this box. Who said sangria season was over? This fruity medley will be the perfect complement to a sunny afternoon on the terrace. 

cocktail mix

In the sour candies box, you will strike on the sour raisins whose taste reminded me of old summers when I would drink kool-aid next to the pool. Last but not least, the sour cherries will make your taste buds rejoice!

Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts and happy tasting!