November candies

As the wind of November sheds the last leaf, we found the perfect candies to bring sweetness and colors back into your daily life.

In case you hadn’t already noticed, us at The Candy Box take your daily fruit intake very seriously. In the mixed candies box, you’ll first stumble upon the juicy berries. They’re so delicious, it’s almost like biting into the real thing! There are also the strawberries, perfect to remind us the nostalgic memory of eating fresh fruits on warmer days.
Halloween may be long gone but we brought some candies back from the dead. You fell in love with them in July and here they are again: the six flavors sour bears. Cherry, orange, green apple… whatever your favorite fruit may be, you will surely find it in these Ursidae-shaped gummies. Lastly, the sour lemonade bottles will also make a come back for your greatest pleasure. 


The real sour candies fanatics won’t be disappointed this month. The fruit lollypops will definitely make your mouth water, but that’s because they’re very very pucker! To change a little from classic gummies, we also brought you cute little sour balls. With their hard shell and tart gooey centre, these candies will surely fill your heart with joy. 

To complete the soft box, you’ll find an assortment of creamy sweets that are ideal for a cozy soiree. The marshmallow strawberries have a perfectly smooshy texture to pamper your palate. Finally, the swirly bears join the party with their milkshake-like taste. Your taste buds will thank you. 

Enjoy your candies!