The September Box
It’s back-to-school season for some of you and that can leave parents and kids feeling a bit tired. We’re here to save the day with a well-deserved candy break! This month, you’ll rediscover an old favorite as well as some novelties!

Let’s start with the mixed candies box. If you’re one to enjoy cola gummies, you’ll surely fall in love with our pimped version! As you’re eating the sour cherry coke bottles, you will first be surprised by the sour taste, then you’ll feel like you’re biting into a fruity slush, before finally recognizing the cola flavour that you love so much. 
Next, there are the apple rings, with their perfectly squishy texture. You know how oftentimes it’s the sugar coating that gives sour candies their tart taste? Well, here it’s quite the contrary. Still, don’t underestimate them: their coating may be harmless but the rings themselves are jaw-tensing!  
Speaking of Jaws, you’ll also find the small blue sharks. But don’t be scared, they’re real softies! Plus, they taste like raspberry, so how bad can they be, right? To complete this box, we have the perfect autumnal candy. This month, we present you the pretty carrots with a peach flavor. A lil’ bit spicy, they’ll make you say goodbye to pumpkin spice lattes!  

As for the sour candies, a favourite makes its big return. Some of you were waiting patiently for the sour super mix to come back, and here it is! With their different flavors and shapes, these tart gummies will fill your mouth with joy. Then there’s the peach slices, the big winners of our latest Instagram Candy Battle. They’re a real peach!

It’s almost time to say goodbye to ice cream shop season (snif). Don’t worry, we have little newcomers on the menu and they’re here to comfort you! These orange-flavored creamy bears taste just like sorbet. In the soft box, you’ll also find the bubblegum frogs. They don’t need much explanation since their name says it all, we’ll just tell you that they’re delicious! 

Have a good month and enjoy your gummies!