October Candies

We’re not quite sure what’s going on with Mother Nature these days, but one thing is certain: this month’s candies will make you shiver! 


To help you get into Halloween mode, what could be better than juicy brains? Our E=MC² brains are tender on the outside and have a delicious fruit coulis on the inside. They’ll sure make anyone turn into a zombie! In the mixed candies box, you’ll also come across peculiar gummies: the chicken legs! Even though they were made for the soft box, they have a bit of a tart aftertaste (and a really fun texture). There are also the colorful rainbow cubes. You might now know that us at The Candy Box take your daily fruit intake very seriously ;) These little cubes have a wide variety of flavors, such as lime, blue raspberry, grape, watermelon and orange. To complete this selection, we have the sour worms. These gummies don’t need much of an introduction, we’ll just remind you that they’re reeeeaally good. Plus, they were in the limited edition Halloween box, for those of you who were able to get their hands on it.

In the sour box, you will find (not so) little spiders. These ones are like Whippets: we all have a different way of eating them! I for one eat them leg by leg, and then go on to the head. Yum! They also join their insect friends in the Halloween box. Let’s not forget the dinosaurs. But don’t underestimate these Jurassic predators, as sweet as they look, they’re actually bitter (especially the lemon-flavored ones!)

As you now know, the limited-edition box is now sold out, but do not worry! The Dracula’s teeth are just as Halloween-worthy. And they have a delicious strawberry flavor. For the weakest among us, the spider gummies are also available in a sweet and soft version.

Here’s to hoping you’ll have a spooky candy tasting! Happy horror month :)