Local companies that we love: Näak

Following our recent collaboration with Montreal-based company Näak, we thought it’d be a good idea to talk to you a little bit about the company and why we love their energy bars made with cricket powder!

First off, Näak is a brand made by athletes, for athletes. Their mission? Popularize insect consumption while keeping an approach based on sustainability.

But why cricket powder, you may ask? Well, this superfood is really exceptional: it contains about 2 times more protein than beef, 2 times more iron than spinach and 1.6 times more calcium than milk. Cricket powder also has a high amount of omega-3 and vitamin B-12. On top of that, it’s currently the most eco-friendly source of protein on the planet!


Source: Näak

Amongst their other ingredients, which are also whole and natural, you’ll find chia seeds, oat flour, sunflower butter and dates. The Näak bars are available in four different flavours: choco-banana, coco macadam, choco-orange and raspberry apricot.

You can enjoy these bars as a snack during the day for a little energy boost. They’re also perfect to optimize your muscle recovery after a gym session thanks to its high protein amount.

There’s no doubt that the athletes among you will want to run to the closest store to get their hands on some crickets! Other than on their website, you can find the Näak bars in many health food markets such, and in sports as well.