Local companies that we love: From Rachel

November often brings its share of wistfulness. As the sun becomes shyer, some of us have already swapped our pretty outfits for wool pullovers and other warm layers. Which is why we bring you this month a local company that will revive your wardrobe and hold off the gloomy days! 

We’ve all had this recurrent struggle: opening your closet and looking at every piece of clothing without having an ounce of inspiration. “What am I going to wear today?” This is a question that has haunted From Rachel’s founders for a long time. That’s when they had their struck of genius: accessorizing your looks with tights to make them new again! From Rachel was born. 

Founded in 2014 by Carolyne, Mélanie and Alyeska, this concept is a personalized monthly subscription box. You can discuss your preferences with Rachel and then let her decide the goodies you’ll receive in your box or you can hand-pick your tights each month. 


So, who is this Rachel we keep talking about? Rachel is a persona that was created by the founders to impersonate the brand’s essence. They describe her as a stylist, a fashion lover and a great friend. You can find her style tips and tricks on her blog. 

In case you needed other reasons to spice up your wardrobe with trendy hosiery, you should know that From Rachel is also eco-friendly. That’s right! Every wrapping item they use can either be recycled or composted. Plus, everything is made in Quebec. In addition, you’ll find clever ways to upcycle your worn-out tights, helping you reduce your waste. And revamping your outfits with stylish pantyhoses and socks could lead you to buy less clothes and fight the fast-fashion industry! 

To get inspired and create fashion-forward outfits, check out their lookbooks right here!