In these somewhat strange times, we wanted to give you some assurances.

I'll make this short, because I know you and I have received 53 e-mails that explain how their company is dealing with COVID-19. You can imagine that it's the same for us (stricter than usual hygiene measures, employees in quarantine if necessary, work from home to the maximum) but here are a few more points:

- No contamination is possible with the boxes sent, that's why many people order online right now! There is no risk for you.
- Our brand "c'est BONBON" is available in more than 400 stores, from small to large. I'm not here to tell you what to do, but let's just say that I would go and see my neighbourhood shop more often. Call before you drop by, as some shops have already had to close with the new conditions in place (we're thinking of some of the gift shops).
- We won't run out of candy at La boîte à bonbons (I know, I know that's the part you're most interested in). Whether it's for the online box or our in-store candies, we've got it all planned. However, if it becomes like toilet paper, we'll have problems... let's leave some for everyone!

Last but not least : look after one another, stay healthy, stay happy ❤️