The Vegan Box

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The Vegan Box


For the first time in our history, we decided to launch a 100% Vegan Box! It will be available for a limited time only!

We have selected candies that will please you with delicious flavors and textures! The candies we chose for our limited edition bo, are all made without animal ingredients, which means no gelatin, no beeswax or animal colors.
This can affect the texture a bit, as it is the case for the bears that are softer than usual ... but still delicious!

This box is part of our process of Spreading happiness, one candy at a time, and this, without exception!

In the Vegan box you will find: small fruit balls (best seller in store), dinosaurs, fries and bears! Enjoy!

* the promo code applies to this product, however the gifted candy will not be vegan.