The April box

Till April's dead, change not a thread! And to warm our hearts while waiting for a summer that loves to create expectations, we filled our box with all time favorites from our subscribers. Just because we want to make you happy!

Let's get started with our small and cute bubblegum frogs, these candies are cute and delicious, and the one of the favorite of our subscribers! And just like a frog, we would like to jump over April and be in May already!


In the mixed box, there are little butterflies, with delicious tastes of grape, strawberry, orange, raspberry, cherry and green apple. The grapefruit slices bring a much needed touch of sourness to the box! They are Sarah's favorite candies and they do not have gelatine!


To finalize the mixed box we have small cola bottles, a perfectly refreshing candy! Some of our subscribers order boxes full of these candies! And in the sour category, we are bringing back the mini rainbow belts back fort the first time since 2016! They are not as soft as the other candies, so don't be surprised ;) The green apples are also joining the sour box this month, they start sweet and leave a delicious sour apple taste right at the end.

We are jumping right into April with the baby blue sharksSoft and tender, these little candies will make you really happy!
We kept the best for last, introducing, for the first time in our history, the bonbons spaghetti candies ! They are really delicious and really exciting! They remind of the famous spaghetti scene from the Lady and the Tramp!

la belle et le clochard


Have a good month, and bon appétit!