The June Box

It’s June and it finally feels like summer is right around the corner. To celebrate the highly anticipated temperature rise, this month’s assortment is going to be all things fruity!

melon d'eau

First of all, you can’t say summer without lemonade. Our fresh lemonade bottles are going to be just the thing to help you cool down. In the mixed candies box, the raisin rings (yum!) and the neon soft bears will join the fun to complete the box. Don’t be fooled by their sour appearance: they’re sweet and delicate. For those of you who are dreaming of a getaway, we bring the sea to you with our colorful turtles, they look as sweet as they taste!


In the sour candies box, you’ll also find sour watermelons, summertime’s favorite fruit. They’re the perfect gummies to eat while lounging next to the pool! In this box, you’ll also find the sour blue berries. These ones brought me right back to my childhood.

To complete the gummy candies box, we have the wild strawberries and they’re just as sweet as the real deal! And let’s not forget the sweet mix, a real feast for true candy lovers.


Enjoy the heat and happy tasting!